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About The Artist

I am an intuitive artist whose truth is found in the process of “creation.” My work is best described as creative bursts that are driven by the moment of their conception. Those moments are many and constant, inspired by the simple to the complex. They last as long as the creative energy that birthed them burns. I can make something out of anything and I often do. It is something I can’t describe, something I didn’t choose and something I can’t ignore.


T.S. McFadden was born in a small town in Ohio and raised in the country.   He is based in New York.

    He has sculpted and painted since he was a child and is self-taught but for a handful of private lessons.  He studied in the fine arts, graduated from Kent State University and has spent time in Europe studying other artists.

    Energy, emotion and circumstance direct him.  He uses layers of color to examine, define and mask an inner world.  Organic and graphic elements invade the space, push the calm and subdue the conflict.

    He considers his creativity intrinsic and his pronouncement of it solely environmental.  He is a painter and a sculptor, a published author, a writer of poetry and music, a furniture designer and whatever else the moment he is living in requires him to be.

    His artwork is owned by private collectors throughout the United States and Europe and can be found in fine art galleries. 

    Currently, McFadden continues to work on his recycled series “MOTHER”.  This one-of-a-kind series is unique and compelling, giving insight to the working mind of this intuitive artist.  Both thought provoking and visually powerful, it strikes a beautiful balance between logic and abstract expression.

     McFadden has been recycling and saving materials since the beginning of his career.  His longtime passion for the environment has been a continued source of inspiration for him.


I have been told by more than a few “art insiders” that I should keep my work separate, on separate sites – so as not to confuse with myriad unrelated projects and my creative bursts of energy.

But, if you are to understand me as an artist, shouldn’t you be as confused as I am? Shouldn’t you be seeing my vision as I do, as it unfolds? That’s my reality, come on it!

Here on my website, you will find the many creative branches of my brain. They are what make me “the artist,” all of them. The images here represent just some of my work. Some pieces are still available, some are not. To date, I have created thousands of works. They mostly consist of small collections from each phase of my intuitive journey.

In 2009, when my father unexpectedly passed away, I left the studio for a period of time to manage things. In particular, my sadness.  He was tough on me, never understanding how I lived and who I loved.  I had hoped one day, over time, he’d get it and then we’d find a new reality together.  Instead, I was left to find flowers in a field of dirt and stones.  Shortly after his death, our favorite creature on the planet, our rescue dog, Seven, was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  I spent the rest of the year fighting to keep him alive.  When he decided he was ready to go and we set him free, it broke me.  This time I couldn’t even look for the flowers.  He was present in my studio for almost every single piece of work I created over the course of many years.  I couldn’t go in there after he died and I stopped painting for years. If that doesn’t give an idea of how my brain works, nothing will.

The handsome guy in the photo above is our second rescue, and my trusted assistant, Jasper.  He puts his nose into every single thing I am working on, sure that it’s an essential component of my process.  He’s correct!  He also keeps my feet warm when I’m writing.  That’s where my creative energy has been directed to date.  Writing is my first, true love but we’d only shared short stories and poetry for quite some time.  Several years ago I began writing a SciFi/Fantasy series about a young, idealistic boy and his family living in a tumultuous future.  I finished the first book – Bledsoe Neverri, All Things Beneath the Stars – several years ago and number two is almost done.  It’s a five-book series.  One day I will find the right editor and only then will it be available to read!

I’ve also been putting energy into my 20+-year-old children’s book and a terrific project I created with a wonderful teacher.  It’s called Imagine The World Project.  You can check it out here.  www.imaginetheworldproject.com


Installation - Soho